Stunning Haircuts in Elk River, MN

Drop by your one-stop salon for women's and men's haircuts

Whether you need a shave and a haircut or you're finally taking the leap and cutting bangs, you can count on JC Styles Hair Salon to make you look fabulous. Our instincts are as sharp as our scissors.

Our stylist Evette specializes in relaxers and ethnic hair, as well as cutting natural textures. The stylists at JC Styles Hair Salon know how to make every hair type look awesome-curly, coiled, wavy, straight or spiky.

Send your child to school with a fresh new haircut

Looking for children's haircuts near Elk River, MN? Look no further than JC Styles Hair Salon. Your kid's haircuts deserve as much attention and skill as your own.

Our friendly stylists can put any kid at ease. You'll be pleased with the haircut your child walks away with, and so will they. Our children's haircut and style starts at just $11.

Call today to schedule an appointment, or contact one of our stylists.